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Uttarakhand which is formerly called Uttaranchal a state of India, basically it is located in the northwestern part of the country. Uttarakhand was formed in the year 2000 after being separated from the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Uttarakhand and state are divided into 13 districts. Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and Dehradun is the largest city of the state and the state is divided into two divisions first one is Garhwal and second is the Kumaon division

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Uttarakhand is a state that has the Garwhal and Kumaon regions In the 18th century the kingdom of Kumaon was attacked by the Gurkhas from Nepal.
Later on, this region got merged with Utter Pradesh after independence. today this state is also referred as land of gods and also as the source of river Ganga
After that Garhwal helped the British to step in and then conquer a large part of the region through the treaty of Sigauli in the year 1817. In the year 2007, the state is officially re-named Uttarakhand. The central stretch of the Himalayas also had an ancient Puranic term and that is called the Uttarakhand. The valleys were well known in the earlier times and it was called the abode of Goddesses.

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