Uttarakhand Tourism-Mussoorie


Mussoorie is also called “Queen of hills”.It is an attractive Hill station in Uttarakhand. Mussoorie is at a distance of 35 km from Dehradun. You can do plenty of things in Mussoorie you can visit and see the best mountain views, the best restaurants, you can do a variety of Shopping, and Mussoorie is also best for Adventures like paragliding, cycling, etc.  You can go to many Destinations like cloudend, George Everest and Dalai hill. Mussoorie Tourism is part of almost every tourist holiday tour nowadays.

Mussoorie is about 6500 feet above sea level. The scenic beauty of the place attracts tourists again and again from every part of India to visit the most beautiful place in Uttarakhand tourism – Mussoorie. The Queen of Hills or Queen of mountains was discovered by an officer named Young in 1827. It has turned into a major tourist hub over the years which makes Mussoorie the best place that is worth visiting for vacations.

The best time to visit Mussoorie is in the summers as well as in the winters. In summer you will get rid of the ultimate heat with pleasant weather whereas in winter you will see snowfall.

Best places to visit in musoorie

  • Kempty Falls: Kempty falls is a popular picnic spot located in Uttarakhand Tourism- Mussoorie and it is situated at a height of 4500 feet. It was developed by British officer John Makinan in 1835 as a tourist destination place. The name kempty is derived from the word “CAMP-TEA” as the British used to make tea over there. This Mussoorie Tourism spot includes many shops for shopping, Restaurants, Roapway, and also swimming pools.
    Mall Road: Mall road is the central hub of the Mussoorie located at the heart of Mussoorie and a must-visit on your tour to the city. It has a variety of cafés, a couple of things, and plenty of activities to do when on a vacation to Mall Road.
    Lambi Dehar Mines: Lambi Dehar Mines also known as the “Mine of Death”, is located a couple of km ahead of the Queen of Hills from Uttarakhand tourism near Dehradun you can visit kimadi and then go to lambi dhar mines for a shortcut. kimadi has its own beauty of mountains. Mussoorie is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state. It is believed that the mines are haunted by a witch. The mine was functional till the early 1990s, and after that, it was shut down due to the death of around 50000 people who are working there.
    Lal Tibba: Lal Tibba is the topmost point in the Queen of Hills – Mussoorie. And also the most famous place. This place is popular among tourists and travelers for viewing long trails of major mountain peaks as well as romantic sunset and sunrise, Lal Tibba is located at Depot Hill in Landour. 


    George Everest Peak: George Everest has situated about 6 km from Library Chowk in Mussoorie and is one of the major tourist attraction places in Mussoorie tourism. George Everest Peak is named after Colonel Sir George Everest, he came to India in 1830 and was responsible for completing the Great Trigonometric Survey of India. It has many cafes over there .in summer the weather is pleasant and in winter sometimes the snowfall occurs but it is the best place in Mussoorie.